Is Siemens Medical ‘On Board’ With Ferromagnetic Detection?!?

MRI equipment vendor executives generally must be guarded about what they say to the media. We’ve all seen the cartoon depictions of the mini-angel and devil sitting on opposite shoulders of a person, lobbying for their own moral agenda. When I meet an executive from the MRI vendors, I imagine a very similar scene, only instead of angels and devils, I imagine a gaggle of attorneys advising the person as to what can and can’t be said, particularly in the realm of MRI safety.

So, it surprised me, more than a little, when I came across this gem…

“There must be metal detectors at the entrance to every room with a MRI device.”

Realizing that the speaker meant ferromagnetic detection, these words sound like ones that have passed my own lips, or those of noted MRI safety guru Dr. Emanuel Kanal. Imagine my surprise to learn that this statement was issued by none other than Walter Marzendorfer, CEO of Siemens’ MRI business unit.

The interview, which appears in the Israeli business publication ‘Globes’ [click here to go to the Globes interview], includes the statement about the magnetic field risks and the necessity of projectile detection to help mitigate the safety concerns.

Walter Maerzendorfer, CEO of Siemens MRI Business Unit “The main safety issue where MRI is involved is the fact that it is a magnet. Accidents happen when a doctor enters the MRI room with a scalpel in his pocket and bends over the patient. People forget. There must be metal detectors at the entrance to every room with a MRI device.”

–Walter Marzendorfer, CEO of Siemens’ MRI business unit

I believe that Siemens Medical worldwide views this statement with the same unequivocal eye with which I read it, and that ferromagnetic detection will be offered for Siemens MRI installations.

Stay tuned as the MRI vendor situation develops!

Tobias Gilk, President & MRI Safety Director
Mednovus, Inc.

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