JCAHO, MRI Safety, and EC Standard Update Teleconference

Break out the can of alphabet soup, because here we go, off  into the far reaches of acronym land…

That’s right, the Joint Commission is offering a teleconference / webinar on the 2009 changes to the Environment of Care (EC) standard and what they mean to accredited MRI providers. Never heard of the EC standards before? Well, you’re not alone, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t apply to you. In just a couple weeks, however, you can get the low-down on the new requirements.

On February 19th, Joint Commission Resources (JCR), the education and consulting arm of JCAHO, will offer a web-based teleconference on the EC standard and what it means to MRI providers.

The teleconference will be hosted by yours truly and will lay-out the explicit requirements of the new EC standard, tie these back to the Joint Commission’s own MRI Sentinel Event Alert (#38), reference the ACR Guidance Document and other industry standards, as well as offer thoughts on what surveyors may be asking to see when they show up at accredited providers’ sites.

There is a fee for the teleconference ($249) and, no, I don’t get a ‘cut’ of the revenue. I do get compensated, but I get my year’s supply of Rice-a-Roni whether I’m talking only to myself or if there are 1,000 other people on the call.

The webinar will also include other materials in support of MRI safety.

I hope that the information and materials provided in the webinar will be of use to you and I hope that you are able to join us on the call in a couple weeks.

Tobias Gilk, President & MRI Safety Director
Mednovus, Inc.

3 thoughts on “JCAHO, MRI Safety, and EC Standard Update Teleconference

  1. Yolanda Ryan

    Mr. Gilk,

    Good day- I am searching for help on getting a 1.0-1.5T MRI in our Orthopedic office. My boss would like a check list to be sure we do it all right. Could you help me in this project.

    Yolanda Ryan RT

  2. Admin Post author

    Ms. Ryan,

    By all means! There are a multitude of technical, operational and safety issues involved in the planning for a new scanner. Given the stakes, you are very wise to seek out assistance in making the most of your new service. Through Mednovus, I would be pleased to help you minimize the headaches associated with siting / design / construction, protect the operational efficiency that is appropriate to your setting, and make sure that you cost-effectively incorporate the latest best-practice recommendations (including the Joint Commission’s) for the safety of your patients, staff, and the protection of a very expensive piece of equipment!

    Tobias Gilk

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