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Once again, we’re approaching the anniversary date of the most infamous MRI fatality and the corresponding MRI Safety Week. This year, through the in-kind support of my employer, Mednovus, I’m able to make available a MRI safety quiz (actually, it’s two quizzes, one for radiology / MR staff and one for the MRI layperson).

Eight years ago this month (July 27th, 2001, to be exact), young Michael Colombini was fatally injured in an MRI accident involving a portable oxygen cylinder. The week surrounding the date of that accident is set aside each year as MRI Safety Week. This year, 2009, it falls July 27th through August 2nd.

During MRI Safety Week, MRI providers are encouraged to provide additional emphasis on safety provisions, training, inspection and equipment. This could serve as the anniversary date for annual inspections (cryogen safety systems, infection control, etc…). It is sometimes the additional motivator for special projects like labeling all portable equipment with the contemporary MR Safe, MR Conditional, MR Unsafe labels and designations. And sometimes it can be an opportunity to reinforce safety training for our MR staff and share a little bit of our daily safety mission with those outside MRI.

To make this easier, I’m posting two free Jeopardy-styled MRI safety quizzes (in Power Point format) for you to use for your staff, or for those who may not be quite so familiar with MRI safety. These resources are available at my new MRI Safety Week webpage.

But beyond sharing these resources with you, I am also offering for this to serve as a clearinghouse of MRI safety resources that you want to share with your colleagues. Drop me an email (my contact information is always at the foot of each post, or in the ‘about Tobias Gilk, editor’ in the box above and to the right) and we’ll see if we can share your posters, table-tents, questionnaires, articles, quizzes, or other downloadable resource with the broader MRI community.

This year, MRI Safety Week is more important than ever. The number of MRI exams continues to slowly climb, year-over-year, but rates of reported accidents are skyrocketing! We’ve seen nearly a 3-fold increase in the number of MRI accident reports to the FDA in just the last 4 years. Collectively, we have the opportunity to make a substantial impact in MRI safety.

Thanks to Mednovus for allowing me the time and resources to prepare these materials for you. But mostly, thank you for joining with me in again celebrating and promoting excellence in MRI safety through this special week.

Tobias Gilk, President & MRI Safety Director
Mednovus, Inc.

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  2. Debbie Joseph

    I am interesting in some small give aways for staff and patient and families during MRI safety week. Please send me info you may have.


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