MRI’s ‘Tweet’, And Now I Do Too!

That’s right, while I’m typically an ‘early adopter’ of new technologies, I readily admit to being well behind the curve on this one… or at least I used to be. As of this week I am ‘Tweeting.’ No, I’m not referring to that dance-beat sound coming from your cold-head, I’m referring to Twitter, the social networking site, and I’d like you to join me! You see, not only am I up there now, but I’m also building a network for information and advocacy on MRI safety issues.

If you’d like to view my Twitter profile and follow my ‘Tweets’ (which is just an obnoxious made-up word for another type of very short text message), please click here or on the web address below:

If you’re interested in the little ad hoc forum I’ve set up for the latest news and questions about MRI accidents (also on Twitter), I invite you to click here or on the web address below:

If you’re like me, it’ll take a little push to get over the silliness of calling messages ‘Tweets’ and Twitter associates ‘Tweeps’ and all of the other etymology that sounds as if it was made up by my 4th grader. But once past the thin veil of absurdity, you’ll find a wealth of people, resources, topics and information. I hope that our (collective, you and me) effort at sharing important information about MRI accidents and safety will truly grow on Twitter.

Tobias Gilk, President & MRI Safety Director
Mednovus, Inc.

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