The Boy Who Cried “Trial”!

Yes, I think I’ve written at least twice before about the imminent start of the trial for the civil lawsuit stemming from the Michael Colombini fatal MRI accident in 2001. And, yes, I was wrong both times before. So, I would expect nothing less than readers of this entry to take my 3rd prognostication of the start of the trial with something more than a grain of salt… perhaps an entire salt lick! But today a little birdie told me that there’s a hole in the otherwise-booked New York Supreme Court trial schedule for late October / early November and the Colombini trial may just fit right in there.

Now, this time line actually fits nicely within the trial judge’s own disposition deadline of January 4th, 2010. At the moment, however, there still is one unresolved pre-trial motion, and there’s nothing to say that the parties to the trial won’t want to go and file more motions (which may wind up pushing the entire time line back, yet again).

Just over a month ago, I wrote about the resolution of three of the pre-trial motions in this case. I was startled by what appears to me to be a disconnect between the judge’s decisions on some of the questions put to the court in the pre-trial motions, and the real world practice of MRI.

It remains to be seen if, as has been done with an earlier pre-trial decision rendered by this same judge, the attorneys for the Colombini family seek to challenge the judge’s rulings on responsibility and authority of the defendants. If that happens, I imagine that it could easily result in another postponement of the actual start of the trial.

If you are interested in following developments on the trial (and other issues of MRI safety) more closely, you are invited to follow me on Twitter for periodic updates, as they become available.

This case (and the event that precipitated it) are likely to be the most important influences on MR safety (hopefully) for a long time. I invite and encourage you to follow these events as they unfold.

Tobias Gilk, President & MRI Safety Director
Mednovus, Inc.

UPDATE: Details of the finalized lawsuit settlement are available here.

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