Installment 3(b) – MRI Safety Tour of RSNA Exhibit Hall A (part 2)

(This is a continuation of my recommended MRI safety vendor itinerary, starting at the North Hall, which you can read about here, Lakeside Center, which you can read about here, and the first half of the South Hall, which you can read about here.)

Our company, Mednovus, is making the annual pilgrimage to Chicago after Thanksgiving for the biggest of all radiology trade shows, the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) annual meeting. In my original post I indicated why I thought MRI safety would be a ‘hot topic’ at this year’s RSNA, and gave an itinerary for the North Hall (the Philips Hall) for stops at relevant vendors, including our company, Mednovus (booth #7801). Then I followed up with an itinerary for the Lakeside Center, and just a couple days ago, I provided half of the South Hall.

Continuing on that theme, and to facilitate your review of MRI safety products and vendors, I’d like to suggest an itinerary for visiting the remaining select group of exhibitors from Exhibit Hall A, the South Hall, where the GE mega-booth is located…

The South Exhibit Hall (Hall A) includes exhibitors with booth numbers from 2500 – 6632. And while I won’t pretend to know what each exhibitor offers (so, clearly I won’t be able to identify all relevant MR safety products that might be featured at each exhibitor, please forgive any oversights), I would like to provide you with a short-list of stops that I recommend that you make.

Some of these are on my list because I know and recommend their products (look for the •), others are there because they’re new (to me at least) and I’m curious to learn more about them.

5449 Joint Commission – JCAHO is really only just coming into their own with respect to MRI safety. With the Sentinel Event Alert #38 last year, and next year’s code changes… the future promises that they’ll be more than just a paper tiger for MR.

5800 Sentinelle – Interventional MR is one of the real growth opportunities for the industry, and Sentinelle makes one of the most popular breast coil / biopsy products available.

6403 • American College of Radiology – The College’s MR Safety Committee (which I had the privilege to serve) will be coming out with a new joint statement on Gadolinium in the months ahead, and a revised version of the ‘Guidance Document’ in 2010. If you have a chance, thank them for their leading work in this area.

As before, there are likely vendors not on this list because (1) I either forgot or didn’t know about their product offerings, (2) they’re ‘old standby’s’ that I’m already familiar with, or (3) they’re in a different exhibit hall.

Which segues, nicely, into my (repeated) disclaimer that the above list is just for the second half of the South Hall (Hall ‘A’). If you’d like to read my proposed itinerary for the North Hall B, please click here, or if you’d like to read the MR safety stops for the Lakeside Center, please click here, or if you missed my previous post with recommended stops for the first half of the South Hall, please click here.

Now, if I had to say, it really appears to me as if the South Hall, despite its overall size, is pretty darn light on MR safety vendors that I would recommend you visit. Based only on the number of recommendations against the total number of booths in a given hall, you’re better off dedicating your MR safety time to the North Hall, or Lakeside Center.

If you’d like to conduct your own virtual tour of the RSNA exhibit halls, they offer a wonderful interactive floor plan of the exhibit halls online. You can see which booths I failed to mention (and add your suggestions in the comment field, below), or plan your own itinerary for all three Halls.

I will, of course, be doing some duty in the Mednovus booth, 7801 (just inside the North Hall B entrance that is NOT right next to Starbucks), and I hope that you’ll stop in and say ‘hi’ to me or my colleagues. Depending upon how ensconced I get in those conversations, this list may turn out to be a bigger proportion of my RSNA experience than actually getting to the other exhibits!

Tobias Gilk, President & MRI Safety Director
Mednovus, Inc.
Click for Tobias Gilk's Twitter page.

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