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First, welcome to my humble site. I strive to make information available and accessible about MRI safety and the special breed of metal detectors (called ferromagnetic detectors) that can help strengthen MRI safety.

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One thing you’ll find is that things here are written to be accessible. I try and avoid unnecessarily complicated language, preferring to err on the side of understandability. If you’re looking for lots of technical information, with facts and figures and formulas, this isn’t the place where you’ll find it. I do have a plethora of other sites I can recommend if you’re looking for something that isn’t here.

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Tobias Gilk,
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5 thoughts on “New To MRImetalDetector?

  1. Alex Woo

    Hi Tobias, thanks for the blog post, this is very useful to me, I’m new in metal detecting and not sure what do you mean with “MRI”… I only want to know what do you think about the new Garrett Ace 250, because I want to buy it but not 100% sure.


  2. Tobias Gilk Post author


    Thank you for your note. For metal detection for people and objects before they’re taken into the room with the giant, magnetic MRI scanner, it is recommended (required in some places) that the be screened with a ferromagnetic ONLY detector. This would not be the Garrett.

  3. Tobias Gilk Post author


    The odds are good that you should be able to have the indicated MRI, but the decision to ‘go’ or ‘no go’ will ultimately be made by the MRI provider (hospital or imaging center). I would encourage you to collect whatever documentation you have about the sternum implants, and provide them to the MRI provider. They’ll be the ones to give you the final answer, but my expectation is that (baring any unforeseen complications) they’d say you could have a neck MRI.

    I hope this helps.

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