RSNA / AAPM Identify Halo Ferromagnetic Risks

In the Tuesday, December 1st, issue of the RSNA Daily Bulletin, the ‘Tip of the Day’ was provided by the American Association of Physics in Medicine. The tip identifies specific risks of ferromagnetic tools and hardware associated with orthopedic devices, such as ‘halo’ vests…

AAPM Warns of MRI Ferromagnetic Risks of Halo Devices

One of the most effective means of screening for external ferromagnetic materials, particularly those that may be integrated with non-ferromagnetic MR Conditional objects or devices, is through the use of a ferromagnetic only detection system.

Halo vests are just one of huge number of potential ferromagnetic threats which endanger MRI patients, visitors and staff. Effective pre-screening for these risks should include the appropriate use of ferromagnetic detection systems, and this is more than my personal opinion.

To date, the ACR, JCAHO, the Department of Veterans Affairs and many MRI safety experts have called for the use of ferromagnetic screening to help mitigate just this sort of hazard.

Halo vests are just one of the innumerable objects that can pose grave threats to patients, staff, and MRI equipment if brought within the MRI scanner room. To protect people and scanner up-time, ferromagnetic detection is a wise investment.

Tobias Gilk, President & MRI Safety Director
Mednovus, Inc.

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