NOT Magnet Safe Scissors!

Last year I highlighted an FDA MRI accident report in which a technologist had to have a pair of scissors surgically removed from his forehead after they’d caught him between the magnet-homing missile that they became, and the isocenter of the MRI. You may remember that I fauxtoshopped a hypothesis as to what that accident would have looked like on plain film: perhaps something like this…

Well, in case your imaginations have only wrapped around the aftermath, and not the incident, I’ve just recently come across another visual aid that might just help you with the complete picture. Imagine a pair of scissors, an MRI, and a pumpkin…

screen capture of MRI-impelled scissors in pumpkin

MRI + scissors + pumkin = Do Not Try This!

Now, the screen shot, above, taken from the video doesn’t do the moving picture justice. I encourage you to take a look at it for yourself. But before you do it is vital to remember that this isn’t just a hypothetical. This accident and many, many other MRI projectile accidents – with, thankfully, less catastrophic outcomes –  occur all the time.

This isn’t simply a gee whiz scientific demonstration. This represents the real nature of projectile threats. It is at our (and our patients’) own peril that we relegate these to intellectual curiosities instead of cautionary tales.

So, with that prelude, you can find the video here.

I hope that every single MRI is adequately protected against similar sorts of accidents. This protection should include, in nearly every instance, ferromagnetic detection screening of patients, visitors, and equipment.

Tobias Gilk, President & MRI Safety Director
Mednovus, Inc.

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