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Back from the Hack…

A couple of days ago I was alerted to the fact that had been hacked. Someone defaced this site and made the content of this blog inaccessible. Thanks to the technical assistance of my webhost (, we were able to retrieve and restore much of the previous content, by rebuilding the site and doing a little database trickery. As of right now, the text of the site is up and functional… but the images and media files are not. At least not yet.

I hope to have all of the prior content back and fully accessible in the next several days, if the technical spirits will cooperate.

The one thing that is irretrievably lost are comments that were awaiting moderation. My apologies to anyone who had responded to a piece, or posed questions that weren’t answered.

Thank you, one and all, for being a part of this community.

Tobias Gilk

Pent-Up MRI Equipment Demand To Break In 2010?

In the radiology community, it’s widely known… the economic downturn has eviscerated the equipment manufacturers’ sales of high-dollar imaging tools. The sour economy, coupled with the drastic cuts in MRI and CT reimbursements, in particular, have hit those two modalities hardest. Eighteen months into this economic malaise, are there signs of recovery? Apparently GE Healthcare thinks so…

GE MRI Scanner

Is GE Preparing For The MRI Rebound?

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Inevitability -> Death & Taxes

As I struggle through the last bit of my annual tax returns, I’m struck by the euphemistic reference to inevitability, “only two things are certain, death and taxes.” At this very moment, I’m not sure that the two are that different (that is, if death is to be long and arduous). But I think we often make the assumption that everything we wish to avoid is somehow inevitable. Mom made us eat our spinach. Uncle Sam requires us to decipher byzantine rules. But we don’t have to accept MRI accidents as requisite and inevitable parts of providing MRI services.

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