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Radiology safety, and MRI safety in particular, is a topic that cries for dissemination. A great challenge lies in the fact that – while there are many superb radiologists and technologists who can (and do) speak very well on clinical topics – there are only a few people who regularly speak on the non-scanning aspects MRI safety in a way that engages the audience, conveys meaningful information, and helps to change behavior. Tobias Gilk is one of the few.

Praise for Tobias’ prior presentations:

“Excellent, loved the passion.  Really cares about safety, patients and techs.”
— Conference Attendee

“I’ve heard this speaker before and he consistently gives great presentations.”
— Conference Attendee

“Engaging speaker. Very good information. Very helpful.”
— Conference Attendee

“This lecture gave me a lot of insight about changes we should make so that we will be ready for future accreditation changes. It was also good to realize that in our small practice we are keeping up with MRI safety standards.”
— Conference Attendee

“[H]e kept it as current as possible. Very enjoyable to listen to and very easy to understand. He is the best on this subject.”
— Conference Attendee

Audiences that have enjoyed Tobias’ presentations before have included:

  • Healthcare Administration / Executives
  • Radiology Professional Societies
  • Architectural / Engineering / Facility Planning Meetings
  • Technologist / Radiographer Professional Societies
  • Codes and Standards Bodies
  • Accrediting Organizations
  • Federal Regulatory Authorities

If you would like Tobias Gilk to speak at an upcoming meeting or safety training seminar, please contact him directly. Tobias can be available for any of the following presentation formats:

  • Keynote addresses
  • Dedicated workshops
  • Breakout sessions (single or multiple)
  • Video / Web conferences or seminars

Here are a few topics / titles of presentations that he has developed:

  • Magnetic Spatial Gradient (MSG) and MRI Safety
  • Causes and Preventions of MRI Accidents
  • Current Codes & Standards
  • MRI ‘Never Events’
  • Development Strategies for Universal Imaging Rooms
  • What is Ferromagnetic Detection?
  • Workflow / Efficiency in MRI
  • Facility Design: Building-In Safety
  • Additional topics available upon request…

Depending on your organization, meeting location, and audience, typical arrangements for presentation of an existing talk include a per diem honorarium (to reflect a day at your meeting, plus any ‘business day’ travel required for travel to or from), plus associated expenses.

Unique, tailored presentations can be developed to your specifications (content, format, length, etc…). Please contact Tobias to inquire.

Tobias Gilk, President & MRI Safety Director

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2 thoughts on “Speaking At Your Meeting

  1. Julie Ross

    Tobias- I would like to inquire about having you for an MRI safety presentation at our next Health Connect Partners Meeting. The audience is primarily Imaging Services leaders and this topic is certainly top of mind for many of us. The conference is in Atlanta, Georgia May 22-24. I believe we are looking to have you present on Monday the 22nd. IF you are interested and available, please reach out.

    For interest here is the conf website: https://www.hlthcp.com/conferences/rad

  2. Tobias Gilk Post author


    While talking at this year’s HCP won’t work, I would love to present at future HCP meetings. Please contact me if I can provide a proposal.


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