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‘Learn The Things You Don’t Know That You Don’t Know.’

This, in essence, is the entirety of point-of-care safety standards for MRI.

Hey, you, MR technologist! Make sure you know what you’re supposed to know to keep people safe around MRI.

Make no mistake, as someone who spent a decade in college (which included a Masters degree and about half of a 2nd Bachelors), I’m a huge fan of education. What I’m adamantly opposed to – when it comes to MRI safety – is education without any standards or benchmarks, which is precisely where we find ourselves today.

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Colombini, Codes, Metal Detectors And MRI Safety

Go grab yourself a cup of coffee before you continue… this is going to be a long (for me, anyway) rant.

Ready? OK…

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2009 – The MRI Safety Year That Wasn’t

But 2010 holds the promise of reversing course.

Throughout 2009, we saw tantalizing glimpses of potential MRI safety improvements, which repeatedly escaped becoming real. Here are my ‘Top 3’ near-miss opportunities of 2009 to substantially reshape MR safety…

Aunt Minnie Writes-Up My Presentation…

Just a quick additional note… You might be interested in an article that was posted this week on Aunt Minnie in which their editor, Kate Madden Yee, reported on one of the presentations, “MRI Safety, Best Practice, and Liability,” I gave at the AHRA annual meeting.

You can view the Aunt Minnie article by clicking here.

Tobias Gilk, President & MRI Safety Director
Mednovus, Inc.

AHRA 09 – You’re Cordially Invited To 2½ Special Events

As if you needed a personal invitation from me, here it is nonetheless. Please join me (and a several thousand of your colleagues) at the American Hot Rod Association [ahem] American Healthcare Radiology Administrators annual meeting in August. And though it may not really be my place to invite you to the conference, I do want to extend to you a personal invitation to 2½ special events that will happen during that week.

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