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Colombini-Leaks | How Did a 6-Year-Old Boy Die in MRI Accident?

First, let me say that this isn’t a ‘leak’ in the sense that none of the information I’m about to share is (any longer) confidential. This information is all public record as a result of court filings for the now-settled civil suit surrounding the 2001 MRI fatality of Michael Colombini. There are documents associated with that civil lawsuit which did not wind up as filings with the court and therefore are not a part of the public record. I have no difficulty not releasing those because (among other reasons) I don’t have any of them.

“Why — now — ten years later would you post these documents?”

Excellent question! Here’s why I didn’t publish these long ago…

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Two Upcoming MRI Safety Presentations

“Hello Orlando!”

“Hello Orlando!”

No, there’s not an echo in this posting. I’m simply rehearsing for two nearly-back-to-back presentations on MRI safety issues to different groups, both in Orlando, Florida, in the weeks ahead.

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