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Pent-Up MRI Equipment Demand To Break In 2010?

In the radiology community, it’s widely known… the economic downturn has eviscerated the equipment manufacturers’ sales of high-dollar imaging tools. The sour economy, coupled with the drastic cuts in MRI and CT reimbursements, in particular, have hit those two modalities hardest. Eighteen months into this economic malaise, are there signs of recovery? Apparently GE Healthcare thinks so…

GE MRI Scanner

Is GE Preparing For The MRI Rebound?

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The Bad Economy Causes MRI Accidents

OK, our yearlong economic near-catastrophe has had far-reaching effects and is a ready-made excuse for all sorts of evils in the world.

wife: “Honey, why didn’t you vacuum the living room like I asked?”

husband: “Well, in this time of economic uncertainty, I felt that it would be unwise to both use more electricity for something as superfluous as vacuuming, as well as hasten the demise of our vacuum by using it before it was absolutely necessary…”

But, in fact, economic conditions do have the outward appearances of being a contributing factor in increasing rates of MRI accidents. Click Here To Read How…