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MRI Accidents And Unprotected Sex

“Hey! You got your chocolate in my peanut butter…”

I mean really, what could MRI accidents have to do with unprotected sex? Well, apart from the MR coital anatomic imaging (honestly, I couldn’t make this up), I mean this as an allegory…

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MRI Accidents Jump 30% in 2008!

Well, hopefully accidents didn’t jump a full 30%, but the number of reports to the FDA of MRI accidents did! This makes four consecutive years in which the numbers of MRI accident reports have climbed, increasing a whopping 270% above the 2004 rates!

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Countdown To Colombini – Under 100 Days.

Indeed. Nearly 8 years later, the civil lawsuit trial surrounding the infamous death of a 6-year old boy is scheduled to begin in March of 2009.

The multi-million dollar lawsuit has been grinding through the legal system as a myriad of claims and counter-claims have been ricocheting around among the parties. Those who’ve been watching the pre-trial activities may attest to it sometimes resembling a soap-opera with shifting alliances, but it appears that the parties’ day in court will come in less than 100 days.

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