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Wired UK Feature On MRI Projectile Accidents

Color me flattered! (which I think is the color of that shirt in the illustration)

Wired UK Illustration by Lee Hasler. Click for Wired UK source.

The UK edition of Wired magazine just ran one of their ‘featurettes’ on this blog and picked their favorite (though, that’s a slightly squint word-choice for potentially deadly accidents) types of projectile accidents. Quote’s from — and a direct link to — the article follow.

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MRI Safety, Multiple Hats…

As much as I often like to eat, breathe and talk about ferromagnetic detection, it isn’t the only aspect of MRI safety that providers should be attuned to. One other issue that has been getting a lot of attention in the trade publications lately has been that of infection control.

Seems that one of the least-often cleaned parts of a hospital may be the MRI suite and there’s new speculation that some hospital-acquired infections may actually be contracted during MRI exams.

A recent article in Radiology Today featured an article on just this topic, with information on MRI suite design and appointment, all the way down to the patient positioning pads.

Radiology Today - Magazine Cover

Radiology Today - Magazine Cover

Just as I recommend ferromagnetic detection as a part of the pre-screening process for everyone entering the MRI magnet room (ACR Zone IV), I would also recommend that everyone with an operational role in MRI services read this article and reflect on how well their own cleaning protocols are implemented.

To view the article, simply click on (or copy and paste) the URL below…


For any other MRI safety concerns, I hope that you’ll contact Mednovus.

Tobias Gilk, President & MRI Safety Director
Mednovus, Inc.