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Installment 3(a) – MRI Safety Tour of RSNA Exhibit Hall A (part 1)

(This is a continuation of my recommended MRI safety vendor itinerary, starting at the North Hall, which you can read about here, and Lakeside Center, here.)

Our company, Mednovus, is making the annual pilgrimage to Chicago after Thanksgiving for the biggest of all radiology trade shows, the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) annual meeting. In my original post I indicated why I thought MRI safety would be a ‘hot topic’ at this year’s RSNA, and gave an itinerary for the North Hall (the Philips Hall) for stops at relevant vendors, including our company, Mednovus (booth #7801). Then I followed up with an itinerary for the Lakeside Center.

Continuing on that theme, and to facilitate your review of MRI safety products and vendors, I’d like to suggest an itinerary for visiting a select group of exhibitors, this time in Exhibit Hall A, the South Hall, where the GE mega-booth is located…

Click To Read The First Of Two Entries For The South Hall…

VA Calls For Ferromagnetic Detection In New Design Guide

The last time the United States Veterans Administration issued an update to their MRI Design Guide was 1996, which seems to be about 50 years in the MRI world. Just this past week, however, they made up for lost time and did so in a big way!

The new VA MRI Design Guide takes a quantum leap in addressing new technologies, new clinical practices and new tools and tactics for enhancing the safety of patients and staff. One of these new strategies includes the use of ferromagnetic detection systems for MRI patient screening.

The new Design Guide is fully downloadable in PDF form in four individual sections from the VA’s website:


Or, you can download the complete document, rolled into one PDF, from the Mednovus website:


The VA joins a growing list of professional bodies, accrediting agencies and organizations recommending the use of ferromagnetic detection for patient screening.

In a forthcoming entry I’ll feature quotes from and links to these various standards calling for the use of ferromagnetic detection to enhance MRI patient screening.


Tobias Gilk, President & MRI Safety Director
Mednovus, Inc.