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Fear and Clothing In MRI-Land: An MRI Safety Tale

Near the end of last year I posted an article from an RSNA ‘tip of the day’ regarding external fixation, halo, hardware and ferromagnetic risks. Now, in the first few weeks of 2010 we learn of new MRI safety risks from orthopedic hardware that may be more common than halo systems, scoliosis body braces.

External fixation and braces are typically very carefully screened for contraindication for MRI examination, but what may not be as frequently screened is the clothing underneath. Click Here For The Rest Of The Story…

The FDA, Medication Patches, and MRI Safety

‘NEWS FLASH: Large icebergs may present grave hazards to ocean liners.’

No, that’s not what the FDA just said, but the news in the FDA’s most recent alert is almost as dated as my hyperbolic example. What the FDA did in their March 5th alert on the MRI safety of transdermal medication patches was essentially … Click to find out what the FDA’s alert ‘essentially’ did…