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MRI Accident Rates: It’s Not As Bad As Previously Reported…


That’s right, the FDA has updated it’s MRI accident figures available online through the MAUDE database. We were alarmed and astonished when we thought that the rate of increases in MRI accidents was only 270% (from 2004 to 2008). Turns out that the FDA must have found additional accident reports that were in a stack of junk-mail, or got lost between the sofa cushions, which means that the rate if adverse events went up, significantly, in 2008 from the prior calculation.

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MRI Accidents Jump 30% in 2008!

Well, hopefully accidents didn’t jump a full 30%, but the number of reports to the FDA of MRI accidents did! This makes four consecutive years in which the numbers of MRI accident reports have climbed, increasing a whopping 270% above the 2004 rates!

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Do We Celebrate This Record Year?

Yes, though we’ve got more than a full month’s worth of reports yet due, it turns out that 2008 is a record year for MRI safety!

No, I’m not talking about the year of record sales of ferromagnetic detection systems or the publication of no less than three MRI safety best practice guidance papers… What I’m talking about is the numbers of MRI accident reports to the FDA.

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