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$2.9 Million Settlement Closes Colombini MRI Death Case

This week the settlement documents were released — closing the chapter on the lawsuit that arose from the seminal event in MRI safety, the 2001 oxygen tank fatality of then-six-year-old Michael Colombini.

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Colombini Case – Lawsuit Machinations

Last month, the judge in the Michael Colombini lawsuit (the case resulting from the infamous death by oxygen tank / cylinder brought into the MRI room while the boy was in the scanner) decided on three of the last outstanding pre-trial motions. The Judge’s decisions appear to have excused one defendant, entirely, and tempered the degree of potential liability for others.

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RT-Image’s August 3 Issue on MRI Safety

RT-Image brought a stack of their August 3rd issue to the AHRA and handed them out at the MRI safety presentation. Why (apart from general publicity)? Because the primary thrust of the issue was on many aspects of MRI safety. This issue has feature articles on the new MR Conditional pacemaker, infection control in the MRI suite, and even one that I wrote for them…

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Aunt Minnie Writes-Up My Presentation…

Just a quick additional note… You might be interested in an article that was posted this week on Aunt Minnie in which their editor, Kate Madden Yee, reported on one of the presentations, “MRI Safety, Best Practice, and Liability,” I gave at the AHRA annual meeting.

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Tobias Gilk, President & MRI Safety Director
Mednovus, Inc.

AHRA 09 – You’re Cordially Invited To 2½ Special Events

As if you needed a personal invitation from me, here it is nonetheless. Please join me (and a several thousand of your colleagues) at the American Hot Rod Association [ahem] American Healthcare Radiology Administrators annual meeting in August. And though it may not really be my place to invite you to the conference, I do want to extend to you a personal invitation to 2½ special events that will happen during that week.

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The Supreme Court, MRI Accidents, And You…

Last year, the United States Supreme Court decided that medical device manufacturers that had gone through the trial-by-fire of a FDA pre-market review are immune from civil action in the state courts for product liability (Riegel v. Medtronic). Just a few weeks ago, the Court threw what many considered to be a major curve-ball when they decided that comparable protections do NOT apply to pharmaceutical manufacturers (Levine v. Wyeth). What does this suggest to MRI providers (Technologists, Radiologists and Administrators)?

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MRI Safety at AHRA Fall Meeting

Last month, I was honored to have been given the opportunity to present to one of the national American Healthcare Radiology Administrators (AHRA) meetings. In October I gave a presentation on the current state of MRI Safety, including regulatory, legal and accreditation changes that are all in the works.

The full presentation was 90 minutes, including an extensive audience Q&A, but I’ve pulled out one particular section that is particularly relevant to our topic at hand, ferromagnetic detection for MRI pre-screening.

The video excerpt below addresses forthcoming changes to the ‘Guidelines for Design and Construction of Health Care Facilities’, a poly-cyllabic mouthful that roughly translated means the healthcare building code, and changes regarding MRI suite design…


As mentioned in the video above, the proposed changes to the healthcare building code are currently open for public review and comment. The proposed language includes references to the ACR 4-zone principles as well as planning for ferromagnetic detection.

If you would like to see, review or even comment upon the proposed changes to the hospital and healthcare provider building code, public comment for the ‘Guidelines’ is open until December 15th, 2008.

Tobias Gilk, President & MRI Safety Director
Mednovus, Inc.