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As 2010 Ends, Can’t We Please Let Go Of NSF?

Make no mistake, Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis (NSF), a horrible (and thankfully very rare) disease which can afflict persons with significantly impaired kidney function who receive certain gadolinium based MRI contrast agents. Over the past few years, tremendous resources have been poured into the identification of patients, research on the specific mechanisms of disease, and effective means of prevention. NSF has run into a problem, however, which has dramatically curtailed further research… we’ve darn-near eliminated this disease!

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Colombini Case – Lawsuit Machinations

Last month, the judge in the Michael Colombini lawsuit (the case resulting from the infamous death by oxygen tank / cylinder brought into the MRI room while the boy was in the scanner) decided on three of the last outstanding pre-trial motions. The Judge’s decisions appear to have excused one defendant, entirely, and tempered the degree of potential liability for others.

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ASHE MRI Safety Monograph Available…

The new ASHE publication, Designing and Engineering MRI Safety, has now been made available for purchase from the American Society for Healthcare Engineering’s website.

ASHE MRI Safety Monograph

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