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You've probably stumbled across this site because of information that has been spreading around the globe from our MRI safety blog, but however you've reached us, we're glad to have this opportunity to share the latest on MRI patient safety and how ferromagnetic detection systems can help strengthen safety screening and protocols.

You may have seen recommendations for ferro-detectors from the Joint Commission (JCAHO), the American College of Radiology (ACR), or even the US Veterans Administration (VA) MRI Design Guide...

ACR, VA and JCAHO all recommend Ferromagnetic Detection

Whether you're reacting to these industry recommendations, the promise of enhanced MRI safety from the hospital and healthcare building codes, or recommendations from MR safety experts such as Dr. Emanuel Kanal, we're pleased that you're looking to protect your patients, your staff, and your million-dollar equipment investment with a ferromagnetic detector!

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