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At MRI Metal Detector, our mission is to provide comprehensive information about metal detectors that are MRI-safe and help hospitals and healthcare facilities in optimizing safety protocols for patients and medical staff during MRI scans. We strive to be a trusted resource for accurate and up-to-date information in the field of MRI-compatible metal detectors.


Our vision is to contribute to the advancement of MRI safety worldwide by raising awareness about MRI-safe metal detectors and their crucial role in minimizing potential hazards associated with removing ferromagnetic objects prior to performing MRIs. We aim to be the go-to platform, where medical professionals and researchers can easily access essential knowledge and stay informed about cutting-edge developments in MRI metal detector technology.


MRI Metal Detector was established in 2012 with a vision to fill the void in the knowledge domain regarding MRI-safe metal detectors. Created by Stephanie Calhoun, an experienced healthcare executive with a deep understanding of the complexities and safety concerns in MRI environments, our company has rapidly gained prominence as a reliable source for accurate information and guidance in the field.

Founder – Stephanie Calhoun

Stephanie Calhoun is a highly accomplished leader in healthcare, devoting over 25 years to the specialty of radiology and MRI departments. Recognizing the increasing challenges faced by healthcare professionals in maintaining MRI safety, Stephanie dedicated herself to finding innovative solutions. As the driving force behind MRI Metal Detector, she has assembled a team of exceptional individuals with diverse expertise to ensure the highest standards of quality in content generation and editorial review.

Website Objective

MRI Metal Detector was created with the objective to provide clear and authoritative information about MRI-safe metal detectors. We aim to educate both medical professionals and medical device manufacturers about the importance of selecting MRI-safe equipment. Our focus is on maintaining safety, optimizing workflow, and enhancing patient care in MRI environments. The website serves as a knowledge hub, satisfying the information needs of a broad audience that includes radiologists, researchers, clinical engineers, and healthcare administrators.

Target Audience

Our primary target audience includes medical professionals specializing in radiology, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and imaging technology. Moreover, we cater to healthcare administrators, clinical engineers, and medical device companies involved in MRI-related equipment. With our comprehensive and accessible content, we aim to expand our reach to anyone interested in MRI safety, including researchers, scholars, and students.

Unique Value

What makes MRI Metal Detector truly distinctive is a talented team of experienced and highly skilled editors and team members behind the website. With their vast knowledge in radiology, MRI technology, and patient safety, they contribute to delivering accurate, diligently curated, and up-to-date content. Our unique value lies in the reliable information we provide, empowering healthcare professionals to make informed decisions and implement safe practices in MRI environments.

By prioritizing accuracy, relevance, and excellence in our work, MRI Metal Detector is the leading authority on MRI-safe metal detectors, ensuring safe and effective MRI operations globally. Experience the difference by exploring our website today!

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